Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The Avs won a good game last night against the Carolina Hurricanes. The power play was rocking for the first time in awhile and Peter Budaj was big in net. So that begs the question: Is Budaj the answer in goal because Theodore is so inconsistent? It all depends on what Budaj does next. It seems like whenever he has a good game, they give him the next start and he looks, well, Theodore-esque. If Budaj can put a couple of wins together, and show he can do it, The Avs would do well to stay with him.

If you thought the Broncos could win in San Diego this past week then you are very optimistic my friend. I really didn't think they had a chance based on how poorly they've played lately and how well the Chargers have been playing.

I figured Cutler would show some improvement and he certainly did in the second half. The big question is if he can get it together to win the remaining the games on their schedule. But with that said, is he really the problem? The defense looks battered and bruised. When 35 year old John Lynch is supposed to track down Antonio Gates, I think you've got problems.

The Broncos are fucked but they aren't out of the playoffs yet. Obviously they aren't going deep even if they make it, but that's about as far as they would have gotten with Plummer. It's a bit depressing, but as long as Cutler keeps getting better, that's the light at the end of the tunnel.

A prediction: the Chargers choke in the playoffs. Tomlinson is a bad motherfucker. I'll give you that. He's great to watch and good guy too. But if a team figures out how to stop him, he's literally all the Chargers have and their season comes to a grinding halt. It's coming soon, mark my words.

And besides, do you really want to see Marty Shittenheimer win a Super Bowl? I know your answer already.


Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Line up to suck Joe Williams' Cock

Ok, so the Cutler era got off like a fart escaping from an old man’s ass this past Sunday. I guess I’m not surprised, but I did think he would have been a little better than that. If not for that horrible interception he threw for the TD, the outcome might have been a little different.

I will admit that I think the Broncos would have won that game if Plummer was at QB. But I won’t admit that starting Cutler was a mistake.

All the cocksuckers on the planet came out to grovel at the FAN’s Joe Williams’ feet yesterday on the radio and say “you were right!” Yeah, he was right. And what a bold prediction by Joe. He said it was a mistake and Cutler would flail in his first appearance. Well, that kind of reckless prognosticating sure is easy when you’ve got more than a 75% of it coming true. Good work Carnac.

But what was worse was the beat offs who called in to tell him he had been right. Really? I don’t even think Bronco Hater Joe would have taken too much credit for saying Cutler was going to lay a turd on the field like he did. When the Iraq War started I said, “this is going to end badly,” and now as it looks like it will end badly, I can’t really take credit for it because we all knew it would.

So anyone rushing off to sports talk radio to bemoan the choice of Cutler should just move out of Colorado and not watch sports anymore. They are taking up oxygen and probably seats at the stadium. Having only an AM radio in my work truck, I have to listen to you assholes go on and on about this and it makes me want to claw YOUR eyes out. Please give me the chance. Please.

And again I say the choice of Cutler wasn’t a mistake. Yes, they could have won that game with Plummer but as we all know, Plummer isn’t getting the Broncos out of the first round of the playoffs. No way. He might drive them there, but like a confused teenage girl, he’ll lose the keys and they’ll all take the bus home from whatever city they had to travel to. Cutler needs the snaps because he’d be taking over anyway. Better now than @ San Diego and @ Indy for the playoffs (wishful thinking?).

The problem with losing this game on Sunday was that they may not make the playoffs at all now. If they do great; it will as far as Plummer would have gotten them. And now Cutler gets experience that he’ll use for next year. But they have to win pretty much all of the rest of their games and I don’t know if they can do that.

What putting in a new QB showed against the Seahawks was that it definitely wasn’t all Jake’s fault. They’ve got some serious problems with the offensive line and either the receivers can’t get open or there’s something stinky with the game plan. The running game isn’t horrible but they stick with it way too long and it gets them in trouble. Plummer couldn’t over come this and I’m pretty sure Cutler won’t either.

If they win this Sunday in San Diego (a bit of a long shot…ha) they might be back on track. But lose two of the remaining games and the season is over.

While callers were stroking Joe Williams’ cock on the radio, a guy called in said what I’ve been saying here: Plummer would get them to a playoff game and that’s it. The hosts were asking “what’s wrong with that?” What’s wrong with that? Well, for one, it should be Super Bowl or bust with this team always. Settling for one playoff game that they will lose with a lame duck QB is not my idea of excellence. It’s like telling your kid he can have his Xmas presents but no batteries. Sitting and looking at the lifeless toys would be far worse than not seeing them at all. With Cutler you’re going to get the present and you might just get the batteries too. And if not, at least he’s sparing us the inevitable soul crushing defeat that Plummer had in store for us….yet again. And at this point, that’s the best Xmas present I could hope for.