Saturday, November 25, 2006

Avs 3 Canucks 1...Sedin Brothers suck as usual

The Avs have played two pretty good games in the last couple of nights. But beating Anaheim is one thing; they’re one of the better teams in the league right now. Beating Vancouver isn’t that big of a deal. Sure, they’re ahead of the Avs in the standings, but anytime the two teams have played, Vancouver has looked weak and ineffective. The game, a 3-1 Avs win, was a good game, but I’m withholding judgment on how difficult it is to hang a loss on the Canucks. By the looks of them, I’m betting they’ll be at the bottom of the standings by February.

Wolski had a monster night. Having sat out the previous game, he responded better than can be expected with his three assists and one goal.

Theodore played well. The only goal he gave up was through a bit of screen so I can’t fault him for that. He made a skate save on a pretty good move and gloved a couple of hairy shots that were impressive. But if you’ve been following his goaltending, you’ll know that with the up close shots, he’s pretty amazing. It’s the lazy blueline shots that he seems to let in on a regular basis. I like what he’s done for the last couple of games and will be watching closely.

The Sedin brothers are fucking useless. The announcers were talking about them because one was out and how it would hinder the other one….really? Every time I’ve watched them play they don’t do a damn thing so whether one is in and one is out shouldn’t matter. I don’t think anyone would notice if both were out because they are like ghosts out there….because they’re non-existent and are pale Scandinavians.

Big road trip with conference teams coming up, we’ll know a lot by the end of next week.

And speaking of that, if you read Adrian Dater’s mailbag in the Post, you’ll see at least once every time it’s published, some asshole writing in and complaining about various trades that have gone down. Usually it’s someone lamenting the Drury trade (justifiable) and the Forsberg trade (probably for the best considering he’s hurt most of time and $$$). It’s pretty pathetic because it shows the fan mentality of constantly living in the past, not facing reality and not just supporting the team that’s out there.

So in typical dumbfuck fan fashion, several douchebags write in on a weekly basis about the Tanguay trade. It’s always the same “why did we trade Tanguay?” “This was a bad idea!” and “I am single handedly dragging down the Avs fan base by showcasing my ignorance.”

I might just stop reading this column because it comes up so much. It makes the Avs fan base look ignorant and far less credible than they’re given credit for. People around the country and Canada think Avs fans in Denver are retards because we were lucky enough to get such an incredible team dropped in our laps. In part they’re right, but I think that’s just jealousy mostly. They’re right because there are a lot of really dumb hockey fans in Denver. They cheer at the wrong times and think some teams want to take Brisebois, May and Turgeon off our hands.

So a lot of these drones think the Tanguay deal was a bad one. Sure, Jordan Leopold hasn’t played yet but he seems to be exactly what the team needs. If the Avs kept Tanguay, they wouldn’t be much better than they are right now. Tanguay is very inconsistent and gets hurt a lot. Keeping him would have been too expensive for someone who goes into slumps like he does. The Flames can have him. They’ll see what they traded for when the playoffs come. Tanguay might have a good game, but overall he’s just not worth it. Now if all the dumbass Avs fans could realize this, get over this and move on, we’ll all be much better for it.


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