Friday, July 11, 2008

Praise for Mile High Sports Magazine by Colin

My wife bought me a subscription to Mile High sports Magazine shortly after its inception. My favorite feature is "Things we like / Things we don't like about sports".

In honor of that feature I give you:

Good Stuff. Things we like about MHSM.

Dinger Bashing: the constant barrage of Barney barbs is a reason enough to pick up every issue.

James Merilatt: seems like a good sort of fellah, doesn't he?

Report Card: nice, concise and I almost always agree.

We deserve it: Denver is a great sports town that has earned a slick mag like this one.

Picture perfect: MHSM offers stunning photography in the tradition of Sports Illustrated. Never miss the picture spread near the back. It always rocks.

Norm's Notes: Sarcastic, pessimistic. He is someone a fan can love hating.

Avalanche coverage: It's nice to have something in common with my wife even if it is an appreciation for Liles' steely eyes.

Interviews: Thorough and thoughtful ones on one make MHSM enlightening.

Guy Stuff: Scantily clad girls aside, its' nice to mix a dose of entertainment with sports.

Bad Stuff. Things we don't like about MHSM

False assumptions: the predicted premature demise of the '07 Rockies was only the tip of the ice burg (right, Avs fans?).

Weak Excuses: In the internet age a magazine can't make up news regardless of deadline. There are no safe assumptions in sports.

Snow Hussies: I'll look at the web if I want boobies. Hooters girls and local massage therapists in short shorts need not apply.

Digs (sponsored by American Furniture Warehouse): Are you kidding me? Do you really think we care where Ed McCaffrey lives or what Drew Soicher's leather couch looks like? No. We don't.

Adventure guy: I just want to slap that undersized Broncos helmet right off his goofy head. It's the worst kind of filler.

Girl in your corner: See snow hussies (above). The "You can take me seriously while you ogle my flat tummy" pose gets old.

Gary Radz, DDS: a jackass dentist in a turtleneck posing with six sluts in every issue! Great. See snow hussies (above).

Preps Quiz: If you answered more than 20% correct you are a potential creepy child molester. Who knows this stuff?

(K)BPI: The only things lamer than the cheesiest rock station in the West are the co-promotions it does with MHSM.


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